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Brand Truths

I had lots of fun busting brand truths for Myth Buster in the July 2020 issue of Indian Management Magazine. Please enjoy a complimentary link to the online version of the magazine: Luis Pedroza_MythBuster_July 2020

Catch Customers, Drive Growth

Please check out this podcast I did with Kevin Craine for Everyday MBA. In it, I share insights from my book Lean Brands. This is really a good time to practice being agile and scrappy. When it is time for all of us to get back to work, don’t let existing competitors define your value proposition. Reframe the way you look at your category. Rediscover what consumers want in today’s new reality and then quickly adapt to meet these new needs.

Brand Value Proposition: Keep It Simple

How do you communicate with and empower stakeholders to become your advocates when most of us feel overwhelmed with information? Distill your value proposition down to its essence, and then craft a simple, easy-to-understand message. Here is a link to an article I wrote for It’s the cover article for the March edition.

Want To Slingshot Like A Highflyer?

I have significantly benefited from relationships with mentors throughout my life. Recently, I wrote an article for CEOWORLD magazine about the impact that mentors can make on your career path development. You can find the piece here and feel free to share:

Marketing First, Technology Second

I contributed a piece for StrategyDriven that describes my marketing first, technology second approach. Start with your brand strategy to craft your unique reason for being. Then, use your tech to bring your value proposition to life. Please read the piece here and share:

Change Your Paradigm

Our world is continually evolving and changing, and when the environment changes, we need to take the time to reframe our perspectives to correctly identify new opportunities. Here is a link to a guest post I wrote for Great Leadership.

Building a Brand Requires Getting Leaner

To compete effectively, brand leaders and marketers need lean processes that can help identify local needs and develop differentiated value propositions quickly.  Below is a link to an interview I did with the editor of CRM magazine where we discuss the importance of adopting a lean methodology for gathering insights and testing differentiated value propositions.